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Rich and Elevated Flavor

Gourmet cookie dough takes your taste buds on a joyride. It typically includes high-quality ingredients like premium chocolatetoffee bits, and chopped pecans. These additions create a more complex and indulgent flavor profile compared to regular cookie dough.

Texture Variety

Unlike standard cookie dough, which often sticks to the basics, gourmet versions introduce exciting textures. Think of the delightful crunch from toffee bits or the nutty goodness of chopped pecans. These variations elevate the overall cookie experience.


Gourmet cookie dough is like the fancy cousin of regular dough. It’s crafted with care, using top-notch ingredients. When you serve gourmet cookies, you’re not just satisfying a sweet tooth; you’re making a statement about taste and refinement.

Ready-to-Bake Convenience

Many gourmet cookie dough options come pre-portioned and ready to bake. This convenience eliminates the need for measuring and mixing ingredients yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a novice, this time-saving feature is a win

Safe to Eat Raw

Gourmet edible cookie dough is designed to be safe for raw consumption. It doesn’t contain eggs, so you can indulge in spoonfuls of dough without worry. Perfect for those late-night cravings or impromptu celebrations

Creative Mix-Ins

Gourmet cookie dough isn’t afraid to experiment. It combines classic flavors with unexpected surprises. Imagine a cookie dough infused with cinnamonMadagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, and miniature chocolate chips. These creative mix-ins make each bite an adventure 

A brand to remember

The harder you try not to think about doughboyz cookie dough… The easier it is to remember.

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